7 Reasons to Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer


Have you suffered in an accident as a
result of someone else’s negligence? Are you thinking of filling a personal injury
claim for compensation?

If the answer is yes, you should
strongly consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. We’ve talked before about compensation
claim myths; today let’s look at 7 reasons you positively should hire a
personal injury lawyer to take your case.

Reason 1): They’ll Know the Law

How much do you really know about
personal injury law, anyway? If you’re like most of us, the answer is probably
not very much.

That’s exactly what a firm like The Barnes Firm personal injury
lawyers are for. They have legal knowledge about personal injury and insurance
law, and they know what’s required to establish liability and prove negligence
of the other party.

Reason 2): They’ll Help You Negotiate

You’d be surprised how many personal
injury cases are resolved outside of court – quite a few, in fact. It’s
generally in both parties’ interest to reach a settlement without having to go
to court: it saves time, money, and a great deal of effort.

However, one thing to be aware of is
that insurance companies will try to buy you off with a lowball offer. They’re
counting on you to be glad for the chance of a payout, any payout,
without having to go to court, and they’re happy to offer you something up
front if they think it will tempt you to let the matter go.

A good personal injury lawyer can help
you discern the reasonable figures from the lowball ones, and settle

Reason 3): They’ll Save You Time

You’re trying to get your life back
together after an accident, trying to take care of your daily responsibilities
while at the same time healing from the whole thing. With everything on your
plate, do you really want or need one more thing to take care of?

Personal injury suits can get quite
complex, and there are any number of things that will have to happen for you to
be able to build your case.

Alternatively, you can let a personal
injury lawyer handle looking at the police reports, talking to the doctors,
reviewing your medical records, and generally allow them to build a case for

Reason 4): They’ll Conduct

The process of building a case may
require some rather specialized investigative work. Gathering all of the
information needed may involve a great deal of investigation, and talking to
people with very particular technical expertise – including people who could
potentially serve as expert witnesses if your case does go to trial.

A personal injury lawyer can handle all
of this. That’s their job, to take care of highly technical things so you don’t
have to.

Reason 5): They’ll Be Experienced

How much experience do you have dealing
with insurance companies and winning? What about other lawyers?

The average person dreads the thought of
having to deal with insurance companies. How many of us have heard horror
stories about people fighting with their insurance companies?

Similarly, most of us don’t have a legal
background. How are we supposed to deal with lawyers?

Hiring a personal injury attorney to
deal with these people and organizations is a no-brainer.

Reason 6): They’ll Provide an Objective

Personal injury attorneys have seen it
all, and as experienced third parties they’ll be in the perfect position to
help you see your case with new eyes. This is important, because most of us
aren’t likely to feel very objective when we are the victims of someone else’s

Objectivity in a
personal injury case
can be very valuable. Not only can an objective personal injury attorney help
you keep your focus on building the case, they can help you overlook things
that you might have missed. You never know what could prove to be useful or

Reason 7): They’ll Get Paid When You Do

If you’ve read this far and you’re
thinking you’d like to hire a personal injury lawyer, but you’re worried about
the cost, don’t be.

Personal injury lawyers usually work on
commission. What this means is that your lawyer will handle your case and take
their percentage from the amount you are awarded.

This model makes a great deal of sense
for you and for them. After all, why would they bill you up front given that
the whole goal of taking one of these cases is to get a settlement?

This model also creates the best
incentives: because personal injury lawyers only get paid when you do, they’re
motivated to get the best results for you.